Buying a Website

By Anthony Johnson(CIM)
"Buying a website without search engine optimisation is like spending your entire budget on a television advert without buying any air time to show it to the world." 

The main problem with starting out on the internet is not knowing all the facts.
Some companies rely on you not knowing this, if you have a website built you need to be armed with the facts about the internet and how to be found.

What do I get....

Will I be on Google? The majority of our clients have found out after spending a fortune on a website that all they actually get is a website!
Now you may be confused? Well being part of the World Wide Web means a lot of contributing factors and a website is only a small pecentage of this.
The first thing is that people need to be able to find you.
Armed with your new website you are now expecting to be inundated with Hits right? Wrong, unless your site is submitted to the search engines you will not be found. This is a simple and free process and more than often over looked.
So now you have your site listed on some search engines people will be queuing through your modem to get to your site right? no again I'm afraid, you now need to look at the search terms you want to be found for.
People search for some of the strangest things online but the way they search is all the same, its the same as asking someone you know, (word of mouth), Were can I find, what's the best, restaurants in Coventry, ect. So if you company is called Brenda's Bread, you may be found by you friends and people who know you and your company, and if this is thousands of people then lucky you and what I'm about to say doesn't apply!
but in 99.9% of everyone else we are looking for new custom.
So my point is, you need to optimise you on page factors (the pages on your site) to be found for Bread, so we want to be found for terms like Home made brown bread Coventry, and it may seem like a mouthful but its a starting point and you can make 100 variations and you may wonder why not just bread?
 well maybe in the future but the odds of a new born website being able to match Wurbertons, Hovis, and Asda for the search term bread is like doing the lottery, be realistic in your expectations at the beginning , unless you have a Very deep pocket.

Now the search engines again are like us people, they have been designed to read like us and act like we would, so when deciding where to place your Site they check if its interesting, if its popular and so on, it's the same as word of mouth (as above) so the way it determines how popular your site is by how many other sites link to yours, so the other sites are actually telling their visitors about how good yours is.

So now we are seeing a pattern I hope, the keyword is word of mouth and that is how the search engines see our sites, so again another thing for you to do is keep updating your site with new content, the reason for this is quite simple, if your met someone new and they told you the same things the last time you met and again the next time you meet, would you want to meet them again? This is also the search engines take on websites.
 So let's look at the facts.......

Q. If you have a website built by a web building company you will pay for a website only (10% of your actual needs to be successful online).
A. Seogo Build affordable Websites with offers on all the time, also we offer the other 95% of what you need to be successful on line.

Q. They do not come optimised so you will need to spend weeks learning basic SEO or pay for that after when you find this out.
A. Seogo Build the optimisation into the site and always update new technology so our clients always stay ahead of the competition.

Q. You have to pay a monthly Hosting fee of a min £10.00 a month.
A. Seogo Has its own server so no extra monthly cost after membership.

Q. You still have to add your site to directories to be found and Google is only 2% of the worlds Search engines! (over 400,000).
A. Seogo Submits the website to over 400,000 search engines and add you to the powerful Coventry Directories for free.

Q. You still need to link build to gain popularity for your site this generates the word of mouth effect.
A. Seogo Community network members all link to each other creating an instant link popularity on the world wide web.

Q. You will have to set up numerous social networks and firstly learn how to create a fan base, group and a friends list.
A.Seogo has a huge following in all sectors of social networking and place you on their network.

Q. you will need to pay to have your site updated when you need it and supply the content to be added.
A. Seogo will update your content for free once a month.